🎙️ Meet the man matching his shoes to his French pastry

Here comes Tal Spiegel, the man with an eye for shoes, pastry, and colour. Listen to his appearance on The Earful Tower below and find his book here.

Oh, and here are the pink shoes he was wearing during the interview, followed by his favourite Instagram shot, (followed by eight more we loved).

And don’t forget to hang around until the end of the episode, where tour guide Corey Frye (from A French Frye in Paris) tells us about how the Nazi invasion of Paris led to an interesting turn in shoe fashion.


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  1. Thanks Oliver for this new interesting episode! Actually I haven’t heard of this guy before and I must admit his photos are impressive in the sense that there is a true research of matching the patterns and colours. I love them! Thanks to Corey too for teaching me one more thing today! 🙂

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