Guadeloupe and French tongue twisters

“It’s fully part of France, but it’s completely detached”.

That’s how this week’s guest describes her island home Guadeloupe, which is 100 percent French even though it’s in the Caribbean.

Yes, here comes Laura K Lawless, an American teacher of the French language who lives 6,750km from Paris in what’s known as a DomTom.

We talk about about the island, the French language, and I go through the spin cycle on a few of her tongue twisters.

You can read along here:

  • Le ver vert va vers le verre vert.
  • As-tu été à Tahiti?
  • Un chasseur sachant chasser chasse son chien.

Read more of Laura’s tongue twisters here.

Follow Laura K Lawless and her site Lawless French here.

PS: Here are two photos from Laura: Pointe des Châteaux and the beach northwest of it, which is called Anse à Plume, both of which she mentioned in the episode.
pointe des chateaux.JPG
anse a plume.JPG
PPS: While I had no idea about the sewer museum of Paris, this has since changed. Stay tuned for a smelly episode soon.
PPPS: The main picture above is a beach at Feuillère, from WikiCommons.

2 thoughts on “Guadeloupe and French tongue twisters

  1. I wouldn’t mind either for an entire episode about language! 😉 Thank you so much guys for all your good ideas and sense of humour! Can you picture me bursting out laughing in the middle of crowded Martin Place in Sydney? Well, people must think I am crazy but I don’t care since listening to these episodes just makes me happy 🙂 Cheers!

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