Meet the couple recreating Paris with embroidery

Here come Elin and Charles, a Swedish/French couple taking a new look at Paris via the medium of embroidery.

We talked about their workshops, their embroidery, and a new language I invented.

Check out their work at Le Kadre via this link, and scroll down for a quick look.

Happy embroidering!

And a big thanks to Earful Tower listener Shelly who introduced me to Elin and Charles. Find Shelly’s work here.

And here’s the podcast I mentioned, The Stockholmer.

One thought on “Meet the couple recreating Paris with embroidery

  1. Big big thanks for making me discover The Stockholmer! Elin and Charles’ creations are beautiful too! PS: Oliver, Michael Jackson, really?! Haha 😀 PS bis: You could have added “`à plus” at the end of the episode 😉

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