SEASON FINALE: What’s lurking in the Canal Saint-Martin?

It’s the end of season two for The Earful Tower podcast, so here’s an intriguing and somewhat worrying story about the canal that might make you think twice about getting too close to the water’s edge.

Hope you enjoy the show, and a big thanks to everyone who attended the live version in Paris.

A bunch more pics and details about this episode are on the way – stay tuned, but here’s the episode below.

In the mean time, if you enjoy this podcast and want to contribute, any and all donations would not only be greatly appreciated, but would also help inspire a third season in the new year.

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And thanks to Josh Vardey for editing this one.

3 thoughts on “SEASON FINALE: What’s lurking in the Canal Saint-Martin?

  1. Oliver, you’re such a good storyteller! It’s so pleasing listening to your episode and stories. A HUGE thanks for this season again, I hope to listen to a season 3 soon. Until then, all the best & Joyeux Noël ! 🙂

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