Finding Mary: Can I solve a ten-year-old Paris mystery?

It’s a very different episode of The Earful Tower this time around.

Meet Eddie Gee, my little brother, who has just been in Paris trying to help me solve a ten-year-old mystery. That’s him above, in front of me, on a Paris balcony in 2008.

In short, we’re tracking down Mary, a woman who saved both of our skins on our first trip to Paris.

Along the way, we see loads of Paris and meet a few interesting characters too. But can we find Mary?

Listen here (and scroll down for some of the pictures from ten years ago and today).

The pictures below are in the same order they’re mentioned in the story.

Eddie in the apartment in 2008
Me in the patisserie in 2008, with Mary in the background. Our only picture of her.
An image of our detective.
IMG_2558 4.JPG
Here’s the Tarot card we pulled… the park!
Us on Mary’s balcony, found on the travel blog from 2008. What’s that building in the background?
Is this Mary G?
The apartment in Courbevoie.
And lastly, leaving the apartment. Frowns of sadness? Disappointment? Despair? Listen and find out.

That’s it. The second last episode of season two. The season finale is all about an even bigger Paris mystery…. there’s something lurking in the Canal Saint-Martin and it’s only The Earful Tower that has the story…. (More info here)

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