The Earful Tower tote bag!

After learning that there are apparently two growing crocodiles in the Paris canals, I realized that I had no other choice but to make some snappy tote bags. NOTE: These have now sold out.

They have a picture of a very French crocodile holding a baguette, while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. The text says Croc-Monsieur! Get it? (If not, a croc monsieur is a type of sandwich that’s popular in France).

This is the paragraph where I gave a link to buy them, but I’ve now deleted that as the totes have run out. New designs on the way.  

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This tote bag is now better travelled than I am. Here are some listener snaps, from the Himalayas, Niagara Falls, and Australia, respectively. Send in yours too!!

Here’s a more thorough look at the Croc Monsieur that travelled the world.

3 thoughts on “The Earful Tower tote bag!

  1. Such a great idea you got here! Huge congrats for the awesome design, so funny, even if I don’t really care for Croc-Monsieurs 😛 Anyway, I already have a collection of totes, but I will study your article very soon ’cause I obv want to add this one to my wardrobe! Won’t be able to take the Tote with an anecdote though as I am still in Sydney, from where we Frenchies wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve! “See you” in February! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes 🙂 How exciting to think the tote will end up in Sydney. One day, can you do me a favour and take a pic of it on a boat in front of the Opera House. Would love to have a “Tote on a Boat” pic for my collection!

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