The top 15 Space Invader works in Paris

Yes, we’ve already done a full podcast episode about Invader, the mysterious street artist taking Paris by storm.

Listen to it below (or read the full story here).

But here’s a closer look at some of Invader’s most creative pieces of work in Paris. I’ve scoured the streets of Paris and the internet to make this list, and the following pics are what I feel are the most unique or have the cleverest links between the piece and the location.

All are in Paris (and there are 1,341 in total). Finding them, however, is up to you!

1. Spotted on the “Street of Ladies” (Rue des dames)


PA_1280 #50points #freshfromlastnight #goodmorningcharlie

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2. Look who’s on Rue Princess (yes, that’s Princess Leia from Star Wars)

3. Here’s the cactus at Shakespeare and Co, as mentioned on the show. Perhaps related to the “Tumbleweeds” who stay the night at the bookshop?

4. Doctor House at a hospital on the Left Bank


5. Fresh fruit and veg for the Marche d’Aligre


6. Chinatown in Paris gets a space noodle theme

Space Noodles #chinatown #paris

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7. Can’t figure out the snake connection (if there is one), but it’s another cool one in the tenth arrondissement.


8. This one is on the Left Bank… not too far from the Catacombs


PA_1333 #stilllife #vanitas

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9. Bank robber near a bank


10. Doctor near a doctor’s 🙂



Fresh from last night !!! PA_1262 #DrMario #paris

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11. A little Invader artist Place du Tertre in Montmartre, where all the other artists work.


12. This is the newest piece added in Paris, it’s in the 9th arrondissement on Rue de Rochechouart.

Boo. #PA_1340 2018 #invaderwashere #invaderparis #spaceinvadersparis

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13. Frankenstein. Can’t figure out the connection, but it’s a unique one!

Invaderstein ⚡️👾

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14. Spiderman and an Invader, hanging from your chimneys.


15. And lastly,  I wonder if this one relates to the thieves who’ve been stealing Invaders from around Paris?


There you have it, the top 15 Invaders in Paris, according to The Earful Tower anyway. Would love to write more, but I’m off to find some more Invaders.

PS: Find a whole lot more of Invader’s work by looking at his official site here, where some of the pics above come from, and check him out on Instagram account here.

PPS: I went out Invader hunting with Jay from the podcast episode. Here’s a 60-second version of a 40-minute live video we did for Patrons. Subscribe on YouTube!

And once again, if you missed The Earful Tower’s podcast episode about it all, here’s the show one more time.

Wanna watch the full version of the Earful Tower’s live videos? Become a paying subscriber and watch them live!

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  1. And number 12 is on the street of your favourite word!..see I listen! to find all these?…I wonder if the Dr house one is hard to miss and surely he had permission to do that one?…anyway another great episode…


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