Around France on a scooter: Honeymoon in the French countryside

Imagine travelling around the entire country of France on a scooter for your honeymoon.

Crazy, huh.

That’s what today’s guests plan to do in August this year – to ride around France in a big love-heart shape to celebrate their honeymoon.

Oh yes, and the guests are me, your host, and Lovely Lina.

Here’s what you can expect for season four of The Earful Tower – the Honeymoon Season. Coming this summer, August 15th.

And please, get in touch if you have any feedback, ideas, tips, suggestions, or empty chateaux in the French countryside.

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9 thoughts on “Around France on a scooter: Honeymoon in the French countryside

  1. Well guys congratulations on your upcoming nuptials….Reims is amazing as I have raved for a while about..taittinger caves impressive!!..see if you can score an invite to Krug!!…in regards to the scooter…..a car is needed even if you take your brother on the honeymoon with you!!…or someone!…you can ride the scooter but you always have the back up!…and try to swing by my friends bar in Narbonne….will find out the name and let you know…also one of the coolest guys I know!!!….great work guys…and love your energy…especially milking the cow Lina!!!….love KERRIN AND LEIA

  2. This idea is absolutely FANTASTIC!! You guys should definitely do that! However, I need to point now (and not when you come back) that leaving out Alsace and Strasbourg or Colmar is an error you will regret for the rest of your lives!! Who said I was prone to exaggeration?! 😛 No kidding, you must stop in Alsace for a day. Apart from that, how come did you a 6-week road trip in America?! That’s amazing! 🙂 It’s more than annual leave in Australia and even more than in France!

    1. Thanks a lot Flow! Alsace has been added to the list! I managed six weeks by quitting my day job 🙂 All the more reason that I hope this podcast works 🙂

  3. Definitely love the idea of “The Honeymoon Season!”. Looking forward to it. If you go as far as the coast, St. Malo might be interesting…!

  4. I’m a new listener and love the podcast! Just listened to this one and took notes, so here are my impressions, in no particular order. My credentials: born and raised in Reims, lived in Sussex for 6 years and in the US for 42… But I have made many trips back to France in recent years. So. Champagne is indeed where they make champagne, and only there. Reims is a beautiful city, which incidentally they call La Belle Endormie. Sleeping Beauty, more or less.
    One thing struck me: you list all these big cities as stopping places, but you talk about nothing but countryside: cows, apples, village life.Why Nantes, Marseille, Lyon? You’re going to get stuck in traffic… In Reims, you can visit a “cave” or two (a little pricey but you get a dégustation at the end of it!). Taittinger, mentioned above, is nice, but Pommery has contemporary art exhibits on a regular basis, that are really cool. Across the street is Villa Demoiselle, a recently restored Art Nouveau mansion, something different. But if you want to see miles and miles of vineyards and really “get” Champagne, go through Epernay and the surrounding villages, especially Hautvillers, where champagne was born. That’s where you’ll really get into the atmosphere of the region. Even Reims is a pretty big city.
    Speaking of villages, forget supermarkets and shop at open air markets. That’s where you’ll find real farmers. In bakeries and other small shops, say bonjour as you enter. I don’t know if they still do that in Paris…
    In Normandy, you’ll be able to fulfill several of your wishes: they have cows, apples and cheese factories. In Brittany, not so much. You might be a bit early in the year for harvesting apples, though. In Champagne, they hire thousands of people in September to pick grapes. The exact time varies each year, but that is a fun thing to do. Back to Normandy, they have lots of cows, you’ll see them lounging under apple trees as you drive along. They need milk for all the cheese they make there. Camenbert, Livarot… Brie is just south of Paris, not on the heart… they do make it in several places, like in Meaux, Meaux brie is wonderful, Lina!
    La Richelle is wonderful. Don’t skip it. On the way to Carcassonne from there, go through he gorgeous Dordogne region. Stop in Souillac or Sarlat. La France profonde doesn’t get any better.
    Finally, if you’re going to go to Alsace, and you should, do Colmar rather than Strasbourg. It’s a smaller city, but same vibe, same culture.
    Good luck, and congratulations!

  5. Please consider Bordeaux, St. Emilion (the wine and vineyards are breathtaking!), Avignon and Uzes. These are my favorite places and if you truly want to see a tiny village, find Flaujagues:)

  6. I’m listening to the Honeymoon Season plans as I sit at my desk working, and outside there’s a full moon shining over Frome in Somerset…
    I love the ideas that you’re both coming up with for the honeymoon heart trip!
    How about collecting local varieties of apples as you travel about France and then, when the time is right, grow trees from the pips? In time, you could harvest the apples and make your own cider! You never know, it may be as good as our local Somerset treat…
    On another tack entirely, I’m thinking you might need to get a trailer made for the trusty red scooter!
    I look forward to more updates!
    Love and best wishes to you both.

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