Around France on a scooter: Honeymoon in the French countryside

Imagine travelling around the entire country of France on a scooter for your honeymoon.

Crazy, huh.

That’s what today’s guests plan to do in August this year – to ride around France in a big love-heart shape to celebrate their honeymoon.

Oh yes, and the guests are me, your host, and my soon-to-be-wife Lina.

Here’s what you can expect for season four of The Earful Tower – the Honeymoon Season. Coming this summer.

And please, get in touch if you have any feedback, ideas, tips, suggestions, or empty chateaux in the French countryside.

PS: If you’re in Paris, come to the live show about Why Invest in Paris with Adrian Leeds on Wednesday 18th April. More info here, and tickets here. (And if you’re not in Paris, you can still watch online if you’re a Patreon supporter!)

5 thoughts on “Around France on a scooter: Honeymoon in the French countryside

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  1. Well guys congratulations on your upcoming nuptials….Reims is amazing as I have raved for a while about..taittinger caves impressive!!..see if you can score an invite to Krug!!…in regards to the scooter…..a car is needed even if you take your brother on the honeymoon with you!!…or someone!…you can ride the scooter but you always have the back up!…and try to swing by my friends bar in Narbonne….will find out the name and let you know…also one of the coolest guys I know!!!….great work guys…and love your energy…especially milking the cow Lina!!!….love KERRIN AND LEIA


  2. This idea is absolutely FANTASTIC!! You guys should definitely do that! However, I need to point now (and not when you come back) that leaving out Alsace and Strasbourg or Colmar is an error you will regret for the rest of your lives!! Who said I was prone to exaggeration?! 😛 No kidding, you must stop in Alsace for a day. Apart from that, how come did you a 6-week road trip in America?! That’s amazing! 🙂 It’s more than annual leave in Australia and even more than in France!

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