Introducing: The new Earful Tower tote bags

After the Croc Monsieurs sold out (and travelled the world) – it was time for more wordplay on canvas.

So here’s the Lunchpack of Notre Dame. Yes, just like the Hunchback, but this time for your lunch 🙂


Now, if you’ve always wanted to support The Earful Tower – and have needed a more environmentally-friendly way to carry your baguettes – then this tote is for you.

And it’s designed, once again, by the uber-talented Parisian Postcards.

Price: €15 (plus €5 postage for those outside Paris). Click here to buy one

(If you are in Paris, click here to buy one and I’ll you know where to find it).


Lastly, if you want to make a contribution to the show but don’t want a tote bag, click here to read about the subscription packages on Patreon – and unlock a world of bonus content 🙂

And very much lastly indeed, there are still a few tickets to the live show with Adrian Leeds on Wednesday night (April 18th). Get your spot here.

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