Coming up in May on The Earful Tower…

There are busy times ahead for The Earful Tower and I want you guys to be ready for it all.

Here’s what’s on the cards, in order of appearance:

Picnic in the park with Géraldine Lepere

When: Wednesday 9th May

Live Picnic Video with Géraldine Lepere from the hit YouTube channel Comme Une Francaise. We’ll be sitting in the Buttes Chaumont park talking about embarrassing mistakes French people make while speaking English and vice versa.

Yes, this was somewhat inspired by France’s president calling the Australian Prime Minister’s wife “delicious” the other day.

To watch the live chat: Become a “Flaneur member” on Patreon ($10 a month), then tune in on the private Facebook group at 630pm, Paris time, on Wednesday.

Géraldine was on the show recently for another live video, here’s the supercut.

Secrets of Paris podcast episode

When: Monday May 14th

New podcast episode – The hidden secrets of Paris (with Stefanie Kouatchet, who runs Paris in Action city hunts). A great episode for you guys who like Paris curiosities. She brought plenty to the studio!

To hear it: Just subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts) and it will be there for you on Monday morning.


Walk Show with author Cara Black

When: Monday May 14th

Live Walk Show with award-winning author Cara Black. Exciting times! Yes, the queen of Paris crime thrillers will join me for a live video walk around Paris. Where? The 13th arrondissement. When? 10am, Paris time.

And we’ll record a podcast episode for later, too.

To watch it: Become a “Flaneur member” on Patreon ($10 a month), then tune in on the private Facebook group.


Walk Show on Wheels

When: late May

I’ll join the lads from Bike About Tours to see their favourite part of Paris, recorded live from the back of a tandem bike. Join for the live video tour! (Please do. If it goes well they’ll take me on their electric bike tour of the Champagne region…)

To watch it: Become a “Flaneur member” on Patreon ($10 a month), then tune in on the private Facebook group.

Rue Mouffetard Walk Show with April

When: late May

Back by popular demand, tour guide extraordinaire April Pett will show me Rue Mouffetard, apparently everyone’s favourite street in Paris.

She absolutely nailed our recent walk down Rue Montorgueil, my own favourite Paris street (see below).

To watch it: Become a “Flaneur member” on Patreon ($10 a month), then tune in on the private Facebook group.

And.. The Honeymoon Season

When: August 15th

Season three is quickly progressing, meaning the Amour de France scooter trip is soon to begin. There’s a new “Honeymoon” tab at the top of the page, be sure to check it for updates. Listen to the rough plan here to get started. And again, thanks so much for all the kind words and wonderful suggestions.

amour de france (1)

If you’ve got questions or ideas for any of the guests above, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. If you’ve ever considered becoming a crowdfunding member of the audience, but wanted to wait until the time is right, now is the time to do it.

Your contributions will allow me to make The Earful Tower my full time gig – which is my dream job.

Otherwise, hang around for the 60-second versions of the videos mentioned above, which I will add later to the new YouTube channel (subscribe now).

Lastly, the $10 Flaneur level on Patreon is quite new. If you’ve never heard about it before, or if you’ve signed up at a different tier, a few clicks is all it takes to switch groups. And if you’re scratching your head at the idea of a Walk Show, I’ve explained it here.

See you soon – and thanks to all for listening, watching, supporting and reviewing!

5 thoughts on “Coming up in May on The Earful Tower…

  1. That all sounds excellent. If I don’t fine you somewhere around town before adrien Leeds next month, then of course I’ll be watching.

    You could do something on serge Gainsbourg who is visited every day and night across the street from me on rue verneuil. He is a cultural icon throughout Europe I guess. I’m American and we don’t care but it’s a site to behold

    And then there’s a photoshow lasting for days at the Willy Rizzo photo galleries that begins on the 18th I think and will last for a week or two. Very famous Italian fashion photographer who lived in paris for many years. This one is just next door. This is a fabulous area and the polar opposite of the funky right bank but there’s Buci on one side and rue de bac on the other and Musée d’orsay a 5 minutes walk.

    I flaneuse. It’s pathetic. Just some thoughts.




  2. Cara Black!!! I am really looking forward to this Walk ~ but 10am Paris time will be 4am here…on my day off too, but I will try to join you for sure!

    1. Sorry about that! Tough to get the times right for everyone… impossible even. Will continue to experiment with different times 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the episode, as always. Regarding your August trip. I visited Chantilly last year on my trip to France. The horse barn is fascinating and fancy. You will enjoy the chateau. This year I will visit Giverney so your trip in August may give me some ideas for mine there in October. Have fun.

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