Four jaw-dropping Paris stories you’ve not heard before

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It’s quite the episode today – we’ve got Stefanie Kouatchet from the city hunt group Paris in Action revealing some of her favourite stories about Paris.

Each of these places are linked to a place in Paris you may have walked past without ever knowing the stories behind them.

Listen here:


The ‘Spiderman’ who stole five paintings from the Museum of Modern Art

museum of modern art.jpg

The Paris Meridian line and how to find it


France’s answer to Romeo and Juliet – Heloise and Abelard


And the palace that burned down in the very middle of Paris (also pictured at very top)


Plus loads of other chit chat including the mysterious Cow Island in Paris, how to learn French at lightning speed, and a fake facade near Gare du Nord.

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  1. Bonjour Oliver! Merci beaucoup for allowing me Patreon status for purchasing three of your Lunchback of Notre Dame bags. My paypal name is Sandra Ongaro. My current last name is EsteveZiegler. I adore your podcast and am working backward from episode 50 to 1 and will restart the third season soon. You are always very entertaining as are your guests! Love the idea of you and your soon to be wife riding a scooter throughout France 🇫🇷

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