Murder in Paris: Cara Black talks crime fiction

Cara Black’s crime fiction will be the subject of the The Earful Tower Book Club this month (May 2019) – where we’ll be reading her first book, Murder in the Marais.

With this in mind, here’s a look back at when she was on the podcast last year talking about her writing, how she meets with cops in Paris for research, and what Julius Caesar’s Paris blog might be about.

Listen here.

Cara was an excellent sport and hung around for two videos. First, here’s when we traced the route between the home and office of her fictional detective, Aimee Leduc, who also rides a scooter around Paris. If you like that video, please subscribe on YouTube 🙂

We also did a 30-minute live walk show in the tenth arrondissement and on Rue de Paradis (where Cara set the book Murder on the Rue de Paradis).

You can watch that whole video here, but only if you’re a member of The Earful on Patreon. If you’re not a member, don’t even consider clicking that link! Not a member yet? Support The Earful Tower on Patreon to unlock access to the full video and many, many more – including the one we’ll do this month!

If you want to join the book club and read along with us, now’s the time and here’s the link on Facebook. Membership is free, but you can also choose to support it if you think it’s a project worth paying for.

Cara’s new book is Murder in Bel Air and it’s coming this summer. Find out more here.

And lastly, a deep and sincere thank you to the lovely Patrons who keep this show going. You guys would be the heroes if I ever wrote a Paris detective novel.

Merci, Oliver

3 thoughts on “Murder in Paris: Cara Black talks crime fiction

  1. Well thank YOU for keeping us interested and intrigued by our beautiful Paris…we live vicariously through you until we can visit again….well that’s me anyway!!!…have a great day….now to listen to the podcast!!!!

  2. Happy morning to me! How did you know I needed a pick me up? My wedding is Sunday, and yesterday I managed to burn myself, break three dishes, and the sprinklers went off flooding my hallway. Thanks for the wedding present 🙂

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