VIDEO: Why you shouldn’t lose the keys to your Paris apartment

Hi guys,

Here’s a funny story that cropped up during a live Earful Tower show.

The scene: I was interviewing people in the crowd at the monthly Apres-Midi event put on by Adrian Leeds. I was fairly randomly selecting audience members for the hot seat when Martha from Tennessee shared her tale.

If you’ve got a spare three minutes, I’d encourage you to watch her telling her story – and she has an amazing accent to boot!

Here’s Martha on why you should never lose your Paris apartment keys.

Now, the full one-hour video from this event is online too for Patreon supports of The Earful Tower. And there’s a load of cool live videos coming up too – including with some of the top Paris authors in town.

Sign up today and you’ll get the PDF copy of my new guide to Paris for FREE! Confused about signing up? Here’s a full explanation.

And below are some more pics from Tuesday’s live show. Thanks to all who came along or watched online!!

(All pics taken by the talented Meredith Mullins)

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