Why do people want to get married in Paris?

Hi guys,

Today’s episode is an interview with The Reverend Michelle Wahila, a New Yorker who has called Paris home for six years.

Perhaps better known by the moniker Ruffled By Grace, she whips around Paris in lace and Converse sneakers giving blessings to people who want to live out their dreams of a wedding in the City of Light.

She was in The Earful Tower studio to discuss just why people are obsessed with Paris – and also the best practices for if YOU want to get married here. And of course, we talk a whole lot about Paris too, as always.

Listen to the chat by pressing play below.

Check out Michelle’s website here. Her photographer, Miss Paris Photo (who took the photo at the very top of the page), can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Why do people want to get married in Paris?

  1. What a lovely interview! I live in the 7th too. Hope to see you around some day Michelle.

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