The six best chocolate spots in Paris

Photo: Derek Key

It’s a new episode and it’s a very sweet one indeed.

Meet Michael Huffman, the Paris Chocolate Guru, who gives the tastiest tours of Paris you’ll ever experience.

We discuss where to find the best chocolate in Paris, what kind of chocolate to bring to a French dinner party, and why chocolate is just as interesting as coffee and wine — and just as important 🙂

Listen to the full chat below, or scroll down for his top six tips.

1. Jacques Genin for the extravagance

2. Jean-Paul Hévin for their chocolate-covered cheese

3. Edwart who’s making headlines in the New York Times and Vogue

4. Benoit for her raspberry filled chocolates that got her the 2016 best chocolate award…the first ever for a female chocolatier.

5. Les Trois Chocolats for Japanese-inspired chocolate bonbons like those with matcha tea, sesame and cherry blossom.

6. Patrick Roger for a fantastic all round experience

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