Paris podcast: What is The Earful Tower?

So what is The Earful Tower?

Seeming it’s the end of the third season, I figured it was time to answer a few questions about this show, its past, its present, and its future.

And I’ve brought back the star of the Finding Mary episode – my little brother Eddie Gee – to help with hosting duties. And if you hang around to the end of the episode, you’ll hear Eddie get the surprise of his life when a special guest walks in.

So – thanks to all who’ve listened, watched, subscribed, and registered. A quarter of a million downloads blows my mind. It’s been a blast doing the last 75 episodes, and I’m already looking forward to the honeymoon season on August 15th.

Here’s the episode, and if you’ve ever considered supporting The Earful Tower, now is the time to do it.

PS: The image at the top is from this video, check it out and subscribe on YouTube too!

One thought on “Paris podcast: What is The Earful Tower?

  1. Great wind up for the season!..can’t wait for the honeymoon season!..and yes Eddies question about your bums was quite relevant!!…enjoy the planning and the wedding!..I will be listening!..make sure you are back in Paris by November! Xx kerrin and Leia

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