And we’re off! The Honeymoon begins

Season four already, well I never!

And we’re kicking off with a bang, it’s the start of the Honeymoon Season. In case you’re new around here, this season is going to follow our adventure around France on a scooter. The route will be in the shape of a love heart (see below).

amour de france (1)

To get things rolling, today’s episode is me and Lovely Lina (my wife) and we are going over the latest plans before we take off on Wednesday.

And what’s this? A theme song? Yes, it’s my favourite Paris band – Slim and the Beast – with their new track – which they wrote and recorded especially for this trip.

Hear today’s episode and the new song by clicking play below (or just search wherever you get your podcasts — even Spotify now!).

Mentioned in the episode: Chantilly, Giverny, Bayeux, and Saint Brieuc (highlights of the first ten days).

More from Slim and the Beast here and on Instagram here.

As for the honeymoon adventure, get in touch with suggestions, and please support the trip on Patreon here to get access to the bonus, interactive videos.

Wish us luck!

Any tips? Write them below in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “And we’re off! The Honeymoon begins

  1. Congrats!! Have fun and I’ll be watching. Like the band! Cool music. I’ll be in Paris in November so maybe I can catch up. Best to you and Lina!

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