THE EARFUL TOWER MAP: The ultimate guide to Paris

Want to know where to find the best of Paris?

Well I’ve spent two years gathering information, with the help of podcast guests, and now it’s all mapped out for you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 16.31.46.png

So here you have it, district by district (or arrondissement as the French say): The best tourist site for your first and second visits, the best cafes, restaurants, bars, hidden secrets, the best free things to do, and the best streets to walk down….

Check it out below. And click the icon at the top left to toggle the settings (so you can see all the bars, all the cafes, or restaurants etc).

There you have it!

Now, the map above will get you to all the right places. But if you want detailed explanations for why all this stuff is worth visiting, check out my PDF guide, 150 things to do in Paris, which explains every single point on the map and a lot more.

PDF guide to Paris

The Earful's guide to Paris


Happy travelling 🙂

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