The best door knockers I saw across all of France

My name is Oliver and I’m addicted to knockers. Door knockers, of course, and the ones in France are often incredible. I’ve spoken at length about this addiction before, when I shared 42 pictures from the mecca of door knockers, Paris.

But imagine my delight to find that many, many other cities in France have excellent door knockers too. So when I travelled 4,000 kilometres around France I stopped and photographed all the best knockers – to the initial amusement and eventual irritation of my wife.

Here’s what I found and where I found them. (Click the images to make them bigger and read the captions).

While we’re talking about interesting door features in France, the other intriguing thing I noticed was the shoe scrapers on many of the doors in the town of Cognac.

There’s an example below, and click here to see all the scrapers I found there.


If you liked these pictures about French doorways, I’d bet my bottom dollar you’d like my other story about chasse roues, the iron and stone door protecters that are all over the place in Paris. Oh look, there’s one below. And here are 38 more that I spotted in town. 


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3 thoughts on “The best door knockers I saw across all of France

  1. What knockers! (You must see “Young Frankenstein.”)
    I have seen shoe scrapers, but just simple metal bands on the side of a house near the door. Nothing as elaborate as Cognac. I loved your description on the podcast, but it’s great to see in a photo, too.
    I very much enjoyed your final episodes, which got me through ironing antique sheets. All the best to you and Lina, and may you find the best apartment in Paris.

  2. Enjoyed looking around your blog Oliver. The knockers are incredible as are the doors they adorn. If you are so inclined, take a peek at Norm 2.0 and the Thursday Doors he hosts each Thursday for all of us door fanatics around the world. I am certain others would enjoy the many doors attached to the knockers! I look forward to checking out your podcast.

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