Why are women so overlooked in France’s history?

This week’s podcast episode features Heidi Evans, a British woman who noticed a serious problem with the typical Paris tours…. they never really seem to feature stories about women.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard about Napoleon, Louis XIV, and all the rest of the grands hommes. But what about the women?

Heidi created Women of Paris to fill that gap in the market and now offers three different tours where she points out the interesting female faces of history who’ve been so overlooked.

How did Collette turn heads at the Comedie Francaise? What’s this “X-rated fact” about Marie Antoinette? And what’s all this about a mission to rename Paris Metro stations?

Tune in to this week’s episode of The Earful Tower podcast and find out. Click play to hear the podcast episode and be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Don’t have 30 minutes to listen? I feel you. Why not watch five minutes of Heidi instead, when she joined The Earful for the 1st day of Christmas in the 1st arrondissement. That’s her below with host Oliver Gee.

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One thought on “Why are women so overlooked in France’s history?

  1. This is so true! Women are definitely overlooked in the french history as a whole and yet have been so important! Unfortunately that’s a very general thing worldwide, I live in Manchester and the city only revealed a couple of months ago the first statue of a woman (except from Queen Victoria). And yet this lady is Emmeline Pankhurst who has founded the Suffragette movement which gave women in the UK the right to vote. And this happened decades before France! Such a shame that we don’t get more information about all these women that have shaped history!
    Thanks Heidi for bringing that to Paris!

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