The Earful Tower’s 20 Days of Christmas… in 20 Paris arrondissements

There’s a lot to celebrate around here at Earful Tower Headquarters.

It’s almost been two years since episode one. I’m about to move to Montmartre. And it’s almost Christmas.

So how to mark such momentous occasions?

Here’s my idea: Over the next 20 days, starting on Wednesday 27th November, I’m going to do The 20 Days of Christmas Challenge. In other words, a live Walk Show video from the most interesting part of each 20 arrondissements (Paris districts).

I have already done the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th arrondissements, see a few of the intros below.

From here, I will continue each day with new guests all the way to the 20th arrondissement on December 17th. So if you want to walk the streets of Paris live, here’s what you can expect over the next three weeks. Note: The exact locations may change, but not the districts.



Nov 28th

1eme: Palais Royale with Women of Paris. Done!

Nov 29th

2eme: Rue Montorgueil Christmas lights with Amanda from Boneshaker. Done!

Nov 30th

3eme: The Marais from Place des Vosges with Paul from Bike About Tours. Done!

Dec 1st (Saturday)

4eme: Philippe Auguste Wall with Oliver Gee. Done!

Dec 2nd

5eme: Arenes de Lutece. Done!

Dec 3rd

6eme: Saint Sulpice and beyond with comedian Amber Minogue. Done!

Dec 4th

7eme: Left Bank with Tom Clark of Coutume cafe. Done!

Dec 5th

8eme: Park Monceau 3pm with Boris from Paris in Person.

Dec 6th

9eme: Rue des Martyrs with Rosie from Not Even French 1030am.

Dec 7th

10eme: Canalside explore

Dec 8th (Saturday)

11eme: Magic water fountain with Guy from Cafe Oberkampf & Mericourt at 10am.

Dec 9th

12eme: Aligre Markets and the elevated walkway with tour guide April Pett at 830am.

Dec 10th

13eme: Butte Aux Cailles street art tour with Benedicte from Explore Paris at 4pm.

Dec 11th

14eme: Montparnasse cemetery

Dec 12th

15eme: The Magic of the 15th

Dec 13th

16eme: Trocadero view of Eiffel

Dec 14th

17eme: Batignolles village and park

Dec 15th (Saturday)

18eme: Abbesses Christmas market

Dec 16th

19eme: Bassin de la Villette canal

Dec 17th

20eme: Street art walk with Kasia Klon from Street Art Tours.

As more special guests confirm their appearances, I will update this page with their names and the start times… so bookmark it now!

Now, all these videos will be recorded live so absolutely anything can happen. The vast majority of them will be recorded behind the Patreon paywall, meaning you’ll have to join the other 200 Earful Tower supporters to watch.

The cost of joining the club to watch all the videos is $10 US a month – the “Member Club” – which comes with a few other bonuses including my guide to Paris on sign-up and my new monthly e-magazine – but I’ll put a few of the videos at the $1 level too, so you have no excuse not to join.

Lastly, if you absolutely can’t or won’t join the Patreon supporter club, rest assured that I’ll post short clips from these videos on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe now.

Oh yes, and here’s an idea of a full walk show:

Merry Christmas and thanks for your support!

7 thoughts on “The Earful Tower’s 20 Days of Christmas… in 20 Paris arrondissements

  1. OHH! Look at that – you did a Christmas time podcast! Merci beaucoup!! Our 6 days there at Christmas will guided by tips from your travel book and podcasts – can’t wait!

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