Which French should I learn? Tackling the many different French ‘registers’

Hello everyone, 

Today it’s a podcast episode with Camille, the voice behind French Today, and we’re talking about the different registers people use when speaking French.

A register is a level of formality – you don’t speak the same way in a job interview and a barbecue with friends, do you?

In English, the register you use is reflected in the vocabulary. But in French, sure, the vocab changes, but it also affects the sentence structure and pronunciation. Camille explains it all in this episode. 

We also talk about the importance of leaving your comfort zone, how to efficiently expand your long-term vocabulary, and how learning French in France can actually be trickier than learning it abroad.

Camille has written in great detail about two of the things we talked about in this episode.

Learning French While Living In France Is Easy. Wrong!

French Language Registers – Street, Slang, Modern, Literary…

If you want to learn French with Camille’s method, find the audiobooks here.

For all the podcast episodes with Camille, have a look below.

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