Meet the American man announcing basketball for French TV

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In this episode you’ll meet George Eddy, a man who has been the voice of basketball in France for 34 years. He has also commentated on the Superbowl, the Olympic Games, and has interviewed Michael Jordan several hundred times.

This man’s voice, a booming French with a heavy hint of an American accent, is so iconic in France that he’s regularly stopped by fans. But back in the US, he can walk the streets uninterrupted.

Here’s a taste of some of his NBA commentary from the late nineties.

As for me, I met George to have a good old chat about basketball, moving to Paris, and how he considers France to be an ideal country.

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We met in a park in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the western suburbs of Paris as you can see in the picture below.

New episode: Meet George Eddy, the American man who has been commentating on international sports for French audiences for three decades.

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Oh yes, and here’s a pic from back in the day with George and Michael Jordan.

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