How to buy antiques at a Paris auction

When you think about Paris, are you one of those people who think straight away about charming old flea markets. Do you think about antiques with that little French touch? Maybe you like nothing more than the Paris of yesteryear and all the trinkets and treasures that came with it.

If that sounds like you, then boy have I got a treat for you. I was lucky enough to snag Christophe Lucien – a top Parisian auctioneer for antiques – and I asked him to walk me through it all. Look, there he is below!

We talked about how to buy antiques in Paris, what to look out for, and where to find it all. We also talk about how Paris is being destroyed, how Parisians are getting a new taste for antiques, and how he sold a model elephant for 30,000 euros thanks to its intriguing Paris story. 

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Now, to find out more about Christophe and his work, it’s all here at Lucien Paris. The showroom is in the quartier Drouot in the ninth arrondissement.

The video that I filmed with Christophe earlier this year is embedded below. We continued filming for another 30 minutes around the whole room for Patreon supporters, who can watch via this link (will only work if you’re a member). 

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Oh yes, and here is the elephant that Christophe mentioned in the episode. It once hung above a billiards hall in Paris. More info on the elephant sale here.

Anyway, that’s it for me, hope you enjoy the episode.

One thought on “How to buy antiques at a Paris auction

  1. Loved this episode. I grew up going to auctions with my parents in upsatre New York. Most of these were country auctions, not fancy ones like in the auction halls of Paris. My parents always followed the tenet Christophe declared to buy what you enjoy, not as an investment. That served them well and brought them lots of joy.

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