The American donut shop that proved a hit in Paris

Hello everyone!

It’s another Earful Tower podcast episode, this time with Amanda Bankert from the popular Boneshaker Doughnuts.

We recorded this chat in her charming little shop in the very centre of Paris. Oh look, there it is below.

We discussed how Amanda studied pastry and ended up making donuts, how she had to convince Parisians that donuts and pastry aren’t so different after all, and how a lot of expats in Paris have unusual back stories. 

In the background you’ll hear customers, Paris traffic, and the occasional chuckle from Amanda’s husband Louis. Look, that’s Amanda below!

The episode

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The shop: Boneshaker Doughnuts, 77 rue d’Aboukir 75002. And believe me, the donuts are delicious.

Support The Earful Tower on Patreon to unlock access to the video I did with Amanda (and hundreds more). Are you a member? Here’s the direct link to the video, where we strolled around the Sentier district of Paris pointing out interesting tidbits, good restaurants, and took a good look at the donuts!

River cruises and Eiffel Tower

You may have heard that this show is brought to you by Fat Tire Tours. This week, they sent me on their fantastic sunset river cruise and Eiffel Tower climb. Head over to my Instagram account for some pics and vids from the evening.

Meanwhile, here’s a (member’s only) link to a video stream I did from along the River Seine, chatting with the tour guide and pointing out all you need to see along the way.

Or, here’s the two-minute version of the tour:

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That’s it from me – more episodes on the way! I’ll leave you with a photo I took of the old Eiffel Tower that I snapped on the tour mentioned above.

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