A day trip to Versailles with dancing and fireworks

Ah, the palace of Versailles. It conjures up images of wild opulence, jaw-dropping architecture, and outrageous wigs. And I’ve just witnessed all three.

But first, in case you’ve never heard of this place, the palace of Versailles was the main royal residence of France from 1682 until the start of the French Revolution in 1789. It’s about 20 kilometres (12 miles) out of Paris and it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world. You know it, it’s where Marie Antoinette lived.

Photo: Chateaudeversailles.fr

As for me, I went out there for an afternoon bike tour and an evening of dancing and fireworks.

With my wife, who some of you know as Lovely Lina, I went for a cycle through the Trianons, picnicked along the Grand Canal, and enjoyed some rare behind the scenes access when the palace was closed. Later in the evening, we enjoyed some period performances, water fountains set to music, and an impressive firework display.

Photo: Chateaudeversailles.fr

The podcast episode

Of course, to get the full picture you should really listen to the podcast episode. It includes a chat with the tour guide Thomas who teaches me how to remember the difference between the three main King Louis and much more.

To hear the podcast episode, simply press play below and please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 

The music in the background of this podcast was (rather fittingly) called Invitation to the Castle Ball by Doug Maxwell. 

Photo: Chateaudeversailles.fr
Photo: Chateaudeversailles.fr

Pictures and videos from Versailles

Let’s be honest. The Chateau of Versailles has way better photos than I could ever take, so I used their photos above. But here’s what some of the dancing looked like in the palace after it was closed off to the tourists. I filmed this live on Facebook.

If you want to see a whole lot more of my photos and images, go and follow The Earful Tower on Instagram. I even filmed the whole fireworks display, but that’s behind the Patreon paywall. Go check it out if you’re a member (or why not become a member today?).

Lastly, if you enjoyed this “on site” podcast, you’d probably like the episode we did from Giverny at Monet’s garden. Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “A day trip to Versailles with dancing and fireworks

  1. Hi Oliver and Lena, I really enjoyed this episode! I’m catching up on all the ones I missed while in France (I was out of my usual routine, and doubling your output doesn’t make it any easier!). The Versailles podcast was put together so professionally and I loved the little interactions with the market stall sellers). Well done, will now have to plan another trip out to Versailles!
    Jim C

  2. Al and I were scheduled to take the Secret Journeys tour of Notre Dame but sadly the fire took place just before we arrived. So. . . Philippe arranged for a substitute tour to the rooms occupied by the 2 mistresses followed by a champagne and hors d’oeuvres discussion in the Alain Ducasse restaurant at Versailles. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip but we missed the gardens and les Trianons. Your podcast helps us to see how we must return the next time we visit Paris and we will consider the Fat Tires Tours to help us appreciate the outdoor experience and fireworks. THANKS! Dee and Al Puff

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