How hard is it to become a French citizen?

You’ll notice a lot of expats in Paris are becoming French citizens these days. And a big reason for it is the Brexit vote.

You see, with all this uncertainty hanging over British citizens and their right to stay in France, many figure the easiest way to ensure their stay is to simply become French.

Of course, people of many different nationalities are becoming French and for many different reasons. But one thing is true for all of them: It’s not an easy road to French citizenship.

I’ve heard wild tales of impossible quizzes, reams of paperwork, and testy officials all barring the way. And I was interested to hear more.

Today’s guest, Australian journalist Sam Davies, recently took the plunge and became French. He chats about his journey, shares tales of others in his shoes, and recounts the toughest question of all in his final meeting. That’s him below, celebrating his new citizenship.

Now – don’t forget – this is just one man’s story told on another man’s podcast. Neither of us are experts, and almost certainly can’t answer specific questions about other people’s personal situations. If you want practical information, start here.

But I think you’ll find it intriguing to hear the hoops people typically have to jump through in order to become a French citizen.

Listen to the episode below and be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

We recorded this chat in the Jardin Villemin, a park in the 10th arrondissement by the Canal Saint-Martin. That’s it pictured below.

Hang around at the end of the episode for some info on things to do around the canal area. 

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4 thoughts on “How hard is it to become a French citizen?

  1. Was a great episode….sadly I won’t be taking up the challenge but was amazing to hear!!! As usual tinny Australians scraping through with the easy questions !!!

  2. Bonjour, I love your website and youtube channel. You definitely look very french, I’m sure there is some french in your dna! Have you ever done a dna heritage test? Do you have french roots? Would be so interesting to see in a youtube video! Salut

    1. That’s the first time anyone’s said that to me! There must be a bit of French in there somewhere, but it’d be a long way back!

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