August in Paris: Here come the tumbleweeds

It’s August in Paris and it’s a strange time for the city indeed. It feels like a ghost town as half the population disappears for the summer.

And I’ve got Anne Ditmeyer from Pret-a-Voyager in the studio to talk about this strange phenomenon and what it means for those of us who choose to stay.

It’s a pretty weird time to be in Paris. It’s very empty, everything seems closed, but it’s kind of calming and beautiful.

Have a listen to our chat, which includes an insight into Anne’s new projects geared to helping YOU navigate around Paris.

Listen below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Maybe you’ve seen Anne’s work around on the internet before. She wrote about what living in France taught her about burnout, and she did a piece or two on the “closed” signs that crop up in Paris in August.

That’s her below.

Her new project is Navigate Paris Online, find out more about it here.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to find out what’s open in Paris in August, here’s a great page from Paris by Mouth.

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Want more about summer in Paris? Check out this article I wrote about French words about summer that you won’t find in English.

Oh yeah… and in Paris so many bakeries are closed that I’ve now spotted an automatic baguette vending machine in the 10th arrondissement. But it was out of order. Even the vending machines are on holidays, it seems.

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