How to capture the hidden side of Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, that much is for sure. But how on earth are you supposed to capture it? Never fear, today’s guest has all the answers.

Meet Adele, the storyteller and photographer from the hit Facebook page Paris Adele. I’ve long been a fan of her pictures and storytelling, and I was fortunate to have her in the studio to talk about it all.

She shares her favourite spots in Paris, her tips for getting access to stunning inner city courtyards, and why you should always look upwards when strolling the streets.

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Here are a few of Adele’s pics, plus some of her famous Facebook stories 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to capture the hidden side of Paris

  1. Paris🗼Adele…the Best, THE 💫BEST! All.of us who follow her consider her to be our own personal fantastic friend and travel mate. Loved hearing her voice for the first time…great interview! She keeps us “Hanging On”!!! She’s gracious, daring and a bit naughty with a keen sense of humor, too! 😉Thanks for having her as your guest today. You couldn’t have have made a better choice! Merci, from Kansas🌻.

  2. Again an extremely interesting take
    On the city! Coincidentally I am reading a book called “The Other Paris” by Luc Sante. It’s about what Paris was before it was reinvented by Haussmann- streets that no longer exit along with their bizarre names, how each building was its own microcosm of society and much more.
    Always looking forward to your perspectives on the city and French culture and language!!

  3. 🧩 Bravo Adèle ! I haven’t heard the show yet – just off to Blustery Britain for a few days – but I had a drink with her a coupla days ago and she was excited about it! 😄

  4. Enjoyed this episode. I especially enjoyed your reaction to her talking about taking the Hovercraft! I used this many times way back when! It was quite efficient and much faster than the ferry. Obviously long before the Eurostar!

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