Rue de Turenne: The second-best street in Paris for doors

There’s no denying it. Paris has some of the most excellent doorways in the known universe. 

And sometimes, when you’re very lucky, you’ll stumble across a street where every single door, it seems, is magnificent. 

This is the case with Rue de Turenne in the third and fourth arrondissements, which I dubbed “The best Paris street for doorways” when I wrote this article in 2019. (Since then, I found an even better street for doors).

After I did an Instagram story about Rue de Turenne’s doors, I got so many messages that I figured I should turn these doors into a more permanent blog post and here it is.

So here they are. The many doorways of Rue de Turenne. Makes you wonder what’s behind them, huh?

Oh yes, some of you asked what the metal things were by the doorways. Why, they’re chasse roues of course. I solved the mystery of what they were used for in this story, complete with 40 more pics of them 🙂

Now, if you want to find Rue de Turenne, here’s a link to Google Maps and here’s a picture of where the street is to jog your memory.

Lastly, the only street that’s better than Turenne for doors is rue de Varenne on the left bank. I walked the whole length of the street in a live YouTube video to explore these doors, here’s the replay.

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13 thoughts on “Rue de Turenne: The second-best street in Paris for doors

  1. The doors of Paris:) One thing that makes Paris a wonderful city to walk around. Having lived there you will find wonders behind those doors. A totally different Paris from one most tourists ever see.

  2. Hi Oliver, I hope you show my husband and me some of these wonderful doors on our upcoming tour of the Marais with you! See you on September 10th!

  3. Amazing that the chasse roues are still doing their jobs! The stone around the doorways without them look pretty beat up.

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