Tips for raising a bilingual child (from someone who’s done it)

So how do you raise a child to fluently speak two languages? That’s the topic of today’s podcast episode with my guest, quadrilingual Olivier Karfis.

Yes, quadringual. That’s four languages: French, Greek, Spanish, and English. And spoiler alert: he says English is the best for swearing 🙂

So, together with his French wife, Olivier has raised his 14-year-old daughter to be perfectly bilingual in English in French.

But what are the setbacks? How do you convince a kid that it’s not uncool to speak extra languages? And what are the benefits of having a backup langue?

We tackle all this and more in the episode: Listen below or go and find it on your phone and subscribe.

As for Olivier, he’s the husband of my regular guest Camille from French Today. If you want to learn French with Camille’s method, find the French Today audiobooks here.

If you like hearing language-related Earful Tower episodes, check this out: I’ve collected all Camille’s Earful appearances in one list, right here for your ears. Good luck – or should that be: courage!

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And if you’d rather just learn how to imitate a French person, here’s my take.

New episodes coming soon, as always.

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