Tips for raising a bilingual child (from someone who’s done it)

So how do you raise a child to fluently speak two languages? That’s the topic of today’s podcast episode with my guest, quadrilingual Olivier Karfis.

Yes, quadringual. That’s four languages: French, Greek, Spanish, and English. And spoiler alert: he says English is the best for swearing 🙂

So, together with his French wife, Olivier has raised his 14-year-old daughter to be perfectly bilingual in English in French.

But what are the setbacks? How do you convince a kid that it’s not uncool to speak extra languages? And what are the benefits of having a backup langue?

We tackle all this and more in the episode: Listen below or go and find it on your phone and subscribe.

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And if you’d rather just learn how to imitate a French person, here’s my take.

New episodes coming soon, as always.

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