A meet with the Mayor of Montmartre

This week on the podcast it’s a chat with the Mayor of the 18th arrondissement, Eric Lejoindre.

I met him in his office at the Town Hall, a stunning building on the north side of the district. Check out my Instagram stories for a closer look inside the secret wine cellar.

The mayor shared his tips for Montmartre, explained why its wrong to say parts of the 18th are “no-go zones”, and talked about how tourists and locals mingle in the village of Paris. 

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Oh yes, and if you want to go exploring, the streets he mentioned were Avenue Junot and Rue Myrah.

Thanks to the Town Hall for having me – that’s it pictured below.

The mayor’s wine collection from the Montmartre vineyard.

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2 thoughts on “A meet with the Mayor of Montmartre

  1. Hey, Oliver! For all the time I spent and lived in Montmartre I learned a whole lot more from this podcast. Thanks so much!!

  2. What a fantastic interview Oliver and what a big arrondissement he has to look after. He seems like the perfect guy for the job taking in all the diversity of the area. I hope you can interview all the Parisian mayors. I love youe idea of a QR code on the monument plaques, great idea!

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