The man who knows every street of Paris

This week’s podcast guest is David Smith, a British courier who says he has more or less memorized the map of Paris.

Why? Because he spends his days cycling around Paris delivering packages. And sometimes to some pretty exclusive addresses, leaving him to stumble upon all kinds of treats along the way.

Now, David doesn’t have a book to sell or a blog to promote, but he sure has a different life to most expats in France and we talk about cycling, secret courtyards, and celebrity deliveries. 

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A few things mentioned in the episode:

The surprise package building David talked about is the Societe Generale HQ at 29 Boulevard Haussman. While you can’t take pictures in there, here’s one from their site.

David also mentioned Rue des Martyrs, a beautiful street running through the 9th and 18th arrondissements. More on that street here.

And lastly, I can only apologize to the entirety of Belgium for inadvertently saying that Belgium was a city. It was a slip of the tongue. I know it’s a country. I’ve been there, I promise.

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