The curator of the Picasso museum (and her favourite Picasso painting)

Hello everyone!

Did you know that there are 5,000 original pieces in the Picasso Museum?

I went there for today’s episode, which is all about the museum, Picasso in Paris, and the third arrondissement.

The guest: Emilia Philippot, the curator of the Picasso museum. Listen to the episode by pressing play below (or find it on the pod!)

I also asked Emilia which Picasso painting she’d save if there was an emergency and she could only grab one piece. This is the piece.

Lastly, why not delve deeper into the third arrondissement (and beyond) by purchasing my PDF guide to Paris here?

Or better still, get it for free when you sign up as a member on Patreon.

Next week on the podcast? The fourth arrondissement with the Mayor of the Marais! Talk then 🙂

2 thoughts on “The curator of the Picasso museum (and her favourite Picasso painting)

  1. Oliver, I usually listen to your podcasts on the Saturday after they are made, because I do a 5 mile jog/walk in my neighborhood early in the morning, before it gets hot in West Palm Beach, Florida. Today is a U.S. holiday (Martin Luther Kind Day), so I listened today. I thought I know a lot about the Marias because my daughter goes to AUP and I have spent about 6 weeks there the past 3 years, but had never heard of the “pawnshop”. Love all the details you and your guests provide. FYI, a King Cake is a bid deal in New Orleans for Mardi Gras; a cast with a plastic baby inside and the person who gets the baby is the winner.

    West Palm/Palm Beach is 60 miles North of Miami, so hope to see you at a book tour event. Best regards

    1. Imagine from my perspective – I’ve been to the front door about ten times of the very pawn shop and I had no idea either!

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