An interactive French lesson with French Today

Hello everyone!

It’s something a bit different today! I recently bit the proverbial bullet and did a podcast interview in French. Well, half of it was in French, the other half was a French lesson.

This was an episode with Camille from French Today, where she dissects words like tous/toutes/tout and explores comprehension from a text.

Me, I give it my best shot. If you want to read along with us, we took this lesson directly from the intermediate A moi Paris level 3, section 8.

Have a listen below and be sure to subscribe wherever you get podcasts!

Here is a link to the French Today main page for your perusal.

The episode linked above aired December 30th, the last of the monthly episodes with French Today for a little while. Here is the full list of our episodes together. Happy learning and merci Camille!!

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