Caroline de Maigret on Parisian women, ageing, and Pigalle

Today’s podcast episode is with model Caroline de Maigret, who has published a news book about ageing called Older But Better, But Older. She’s the ultimate Parisienne, if you ask me. 

We met during Fashion Week in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, which was also a topic of our conversation. She shares her favourite neighbourhood bakery, the joys of downfalls of co-writing a book, and why French people eat crepes for Mardi Gras.

We also talked about her new ventures into writing movies, how sex shops seem to be on the way out in Paris, and the trick to finding cool restaurants.

Here’s the episode.

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If you want to find more from Caroline, check out her Instagram page here and click here for her new book.

This isn’t the first time Caroline has been on The Earful Tower. Join the other 50,000 people who watched our live walk through her Pigalle neighbourhood in 2019.

At the end of the podcast episode, it was Bertrand the tour guide from My Private Paris talking about the fascinating history of the ninth district. Who has heard of La Paiva before? Not me! His boutique tour agency is sponsoring this podcast season. Find out more about them here.

If you want more from The Earful Tower, here’s the Patreon link where you can find the big PDF guides to each episode (including today’s with Caroline and the video above).

And if you wanna hear the first time that Caroline was on this podcast, here’s a rewind to April 2019 were we talked in a Pigalle cafe about how to be a Parisian. Listen by clicking play below.

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