‘I got coronavirus’: One Parisian’s story

Paris (and France) has been on lockdown for over a week now. We all need a self-signed permission slip to leave the house, and we can only go out for essential reasons (like to get food or medical supplies).

I’ve switched from my normal podcast coverage in an attempt to document this historic time for Paris. And I’m trying to do it with a light touch. If you want the serious news and the facts for a country like France, check out the stellar coverage from The Local France.

I’ve done five episodes about it all and I’m going to be making more to keep myself sane, and hopefully to keep you guys informed and entertained.

The Lockdown Podcasts

In one recent episode, I chatted with 45-year-old David, a Parisian who came down with the virus almost two weeks ago. He gave us an insight into French healthcare, what it feels like to get the virus, and tips for surviving quarantine.

Yesterday I chatted with Australian journalist Jo McKenna who has lived in Rome for 12 years. She explained what daily life is like after two weeks in lockdown, how Italians are coping, and she shared an insight into what the rest of us can probably expect.

Last week I chatted with Paul from Le Peloton Cafe in the Marais about how the shutdown has affected his Paris businesses (he also runs a tour company).

There are a few more episodes to check out, not to mention a back catalogue that runs longer than all the episodes of Seinfeld. The buttons below should take you to your podcast player of choice.

The Paris Pub Quiz

Are you looking for a bit of fun? I put together a pub quiz about Paris and streamed it live. 40 questions, all about Paris. The winner got 31 correct.

I recorded it live, but you can watch the replay below and try your own luck. And why not join the next one live? Time and date to be announced soon – subscribe on YouTube for the notification.

The eBook

Lastly, if you’re home and bored and have already listened to all the podcasts, why not by the e-Book of my memoir. I’ll send it to you as soon as I see the purchase order, it’s just ten euros.

The first copies of the paperback are in the mail, and the audiobook is in production. Buy those via this link, buy the eBook below.

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Stay safe everyone, talk soon!

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