Paris Pub Quiz: Back by popular demand

Here is the 8th … and maybe final… pub quiz, from May 9th. It ended with a thunderstorm. Thanks to all who’ve watched and taken part in these quizzes. The lockdown is now over, but we’re thinking how to keep this alive. Watch this space.

Here are some past pub quizzes and rules of play for future ones..

You can watch the replay of past quizzes below. It’s much more fun live, subscribe on YouTube to catch the next one!

The Two Golden Rules for live viewing

1) DO NOT write the answers in the comments thread. You’re spoiling it for everyone and you’ll go to Earful Tower jail.

2) Don’t cheat, you’re only allowed a pen and paper. No Googling!

For those late to the idea, I’ve been doing these live pub quizzes each weekend. Last time: 150 viewers, 40 questions, one winner (who got 39/40 and a prize). The sections have five questions each, which get progressively harder.

You can watch the replay of episode one below, which included a free answer for the 2nd pub quiz, which in turn gave a free answer for the next one and so on.

All in all, this is just a bit of fun. Let’s make the most of staying at home. But also, let’s see how well you know Paris and if you can beat your friends 🙂

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

4 thoughts on “Paris Pub Quiz: Back by popular demand

  1. I missed the beginning because I miscalculated the start time! I live in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, the centre of North America..I would have lost horribly anyways,,I thought I knew more about France!..Theres always next week..

  2. Had to step away for awhile so missed that last 10 questions live, but still did them without cheating. Got 19/40 right. Terrible, but a vast improvement over last week! Thanks so much for this wonderful diversion. I’ll be sure to drink wine doing the next one which I’m sure will make a huge difference! Thanks again, Lina and Oliver.
    Judy Solanki

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