What now? Life as a Paris influencer in lockdown

Paris has been closed down for about six weeks now and everyone’s life has changed. Last week I checked in on friends of the show to hear about how the city looks different

This week I spoke with three Paris influential online personalities to hear how the Paris lockdown has affected their respective businesses.

Here are the links to the guests, how you can find them online, and where you can hear them in this slightly longer episode. 

From 2.40, Carin Olsson from Paris In Four Months, talking about how being an Instagram influencer and photographer means work has totally dried up for the foreseeable future.

She also describes how she previously turned Instagram into a career, photographing Kanye West, and the perils of no direct sunlight in lockdown on the Left Bank.

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It’s all just a bit of a blur 🤍

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From 18.20, author Lindsey Tramuta from Lost In Cheeseland discusses how her new book “The New Parisienne” has had a seriously delayed publication date, describes lockdown in the trendy 11th, and lists some cafes she has been missing.

Lastly, from 35.50, Sophie Nadeau describes how her popular travel blog Solo Sophie has seen the statistics nosedive. She talks about how she’s pivoting to new types of content, explains what it’s like to go running in central Paris during the lockdown, and talks about living alone in a petite apartment.

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One thought on “What now? Life as a Paris influencer in lockdown

  1. How about life in Los Angeles lockdown with trump screaming at us and lying to us 24/7. And no Paris. Just think about that for a minute.

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