Scenes from Paris in lockdown

Paris has been closed down for over a month now. I’m confined to a radius of 1km in peaceful Montmartre and it’s strangely peaceful and beautiful… but was wondering what the rest of the city looks like.

Here are a bunch of photos from some friends of The Earful Tower, who are all dotted around the town. I spoke to them all for today’s podcast episode, which you can listen to below.

Reminder: We can all go in a one kilometer radius, not further. Here’s the area we cover and the spot we talk about.

The episode starts with a brief overview of Montmartre from me.

Here are some of my own photos from Montmartre and Pigalle to start us off.

Then, from 3.55 you’ll hear Veronique from French Girl in Seattle, talking about Vincennes and the “petite couronne” in the suburbs. (That’s the furthest east on the map above). Her pics:

From 17.58, you’ll hear YouTube megastar Jay Swanson (find him on YouTube, talking about Trocadero and the Arc de Triomphe.

From 24.10 it’s Adrian Leeds from House Hunters International (visit her site here), talking about the Marais. Here are her pics.

From 35.05 it’s author John Baxter (find his site here), sharing stories from the lockdown Left Bank and the Jardin du Luxembourg. His pics (including the tennis match he mentioned by Odeon).

Lastly, from 43.50 is Boris Petrovic from Paris in Person, talking about the 7th, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine River. His pics:

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Here’s the episode again so you can hear everyone telling their stories. This time via Spotify. Subscribe!

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7 thoughts on “Scenes from Paris in lockdown

  1. Very interesting. I followed using my map of Paris with the help of your circled notes and enjoyed the tour very much.

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos Oliver – it is very strange to see Paris so eerily empty. We in New Zealand are coming out of level four lockdown (similar to what you are in now) on Monday next. It will still be very restrictive but with a little more movement allowed. The current figures for NZ are that we have had 1440 cases and 12 deaths. We are lucky to be an island country I think, and lucky too, that our government took such a firm approach in closing down our borders early.
    I have just finished your book while in lockdown and loved it. I bought the e-book but will also buy print as it will be a book I will continue to refer to, especially when we are able to return to Paris. It has been a great joy to to dip in and out of it while homebound. I particularly enjoyed your description of the best scooter commute in the world. We have been to Paris a few times now and I was thrilled that we have seen enough that I could picture that route! I also thank you for introducing me to Lina’s Parisian Postcards site on Instagram. I am now the happy owner of the ‘Petit déjeuner’ print and ‘A Room with a View’ is on the way – both will adorn the walls of the new home we are moving into shortly. I am sincerely hoping you have another book planned!

  3. wow a radius of 1 km. I live 1.3 from our beach of which we can still visit. We are allowed out to shop, visit doctors – although most of them we do via phone, pick up prescriptions, or do exercise. I have never seen so many dogs getting walks these days. Usually we are alone at the beach or the park. I live in Victoria Australia on the Mornington Peninsula . We are in level 3 lockdown and they are talking about lifting some things such as pubs etc but strictly still keeping distancing. I have never cooked so much in my life, I love to cook but sometimes I would love not to cook. lol. Our dogs are getting a lot of exercise. Perhaps they will be glad when we are back to “normal” so they can lay about on the couch watching TV .

  4. Another great episode, Oliver! Really enjoyed hearing from all the friends of the podcast and seeing the amazing photos of their sections of Paris during lockdown. It was really helpful to be able to on follow on the map where they living. Vero will be fabulous for the audio book experience…LOL I’m off to listen to today’s installment now. Dying to hear your voice describing the fruit fly incident since reading it myself even made me laugh out loud!! Keep up the great work 🙂

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