Midnight in Paris with Ernest Hemingway

On Sunday at midnight, I did a YouTube live Walk Show with Ernest Hemingway.

It was prompted after the great American writer visited me in a dream and invited me for a walk.

“If you want to meet me,” he said, “find me on the Left Bank at midnight on Sunday”.

The rest is history. Well, at least, the rest is on the embedded YouTube video below.

This was the first ever video that almost all international viewers could watch at the same time. If you want more like it, spread the word and I’ll do it – but only by popular demand. Midnight is usually my bedtime 🙂

Now, who was this Hemingway guy?

Well, during the Paris lockdown, you might remember that I had a similar dream and ended up recording a podcast episode with Hemingway from 1925, which was one of my favourite episodes. Seems to me like it was the same man.

Lastly, here’s a quick link to subscribe to my YouTube Channel in one click, that way you can watch the next one as it’s happening!

3 thoughts on “Midnight in Paris with Ernest Hemingway

  1. That was a gem….loved it.
    …from an oldie in Perth who couldn’t visit this May…but this will keep me happy for a while …or until the next one.

  2. Was a fabulous walk… so well done Oliver… bravo! Will do another full watch through tonight… I think probably one of your best…. and I have seen A LOT!! Cheers Kerrin and Leia xx

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