From rugby to restaurants in Paris

Meet Casey Laulala, a Samoan rugby player turned Paris restauranteur. He talks about how his life in the sports world taught him how to run a Paris restaurant. 

I met him at his spot, Itacoa, which you can find at 185 rue Saint Denis in the 2nd arrondissement. Here’s the website and Instagram page.

We chatted the challenges of opening a restaurant in central Paris, and about his career in rugby, in the All Blacks, and his life in France.

And we recorded the episode on the terrace of his restaurant on rue Saint Denis, a street we discussed at length. I’m sure you’ll feel like you’re sitting right there with us with all the background noises of central Paris.

If you want more from Casey, find him on Instagram here. Or click here for some rugby highlights.

Here’s a closer look at his restaurant, which offers a Brazilian touch on local French produce.

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3 thoughts on “From rugby to restaurants in Paris

  1. This was a wonderful podcast. The conversation with Casey was so interesting, about him personally and the knowledge he has now about Paris. Thank you both.

  2. Thanks Oliver … just listened to this episode this morning … wonderful … wow, what a story … great interviewing, great questions and such a willing, amiable and articulate guest … Bravo🏆‼️🥇

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