The Australian woman living in a 72-room French chateau

Meet Jane Webster, an Australian woman who has just spent lockdown in a 72-room chateau in Normandy. 

She owns the Chateau de Bosguet, a stunning chateau in the style of Napoleon III that she bought in 2005. Typically, you can visit it for a long-term stay, which you can read more about here.

In this Earful Tower podcast episode, Jane talks about chateau life, her one-hectare vegetable garden, and how she ended up in Normandy. We also talk about her four popular books about chateau life.

Listen below (or find it wherever you find podcasts on your phone!).

By the way, the covered passage in Paris that Jane discussed was the Passage Choiseul.

Find Jane on Instagram below (the picture is from when we met in Paris for this episode!)

Find Jane’s website here, which features a lot more information and many more photos.

Here’s the episode again, this time on Spotify.

Jane Webster on The Earful Tower

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PS: If you enjoy hearing about French chateaux, you might enjoy this old episode of The Earful Tower about renovating a French chateau. And I have a strong suspicion you’d like the chapter of my new book in which I had a blowout birthday party inside a Burgundy castle….

4 thoughts on “The Australian woman living in a 72-room French chateau

  1. I just looked up her book At The French Table on the US Amazon site and there is a used copy available for $1,052 US dollars!!!

  2. Thank you for another wonderful podcast. Coincidentally I got Jane’s book ‘French House Chic’ out from the local library on the weekend – it’s a gorgeous book.

  3. Thank you for this inspiring and informative podcast!
    I follow Jane’s excellent Instagram account, which is filled with fun French adventures that she films as she visits various sites.
    I’m curious about why you write that “she” bought and lives in the chateau when the reality is that she and her husband bought and live in the chateau. Saying that she does it all on her own is a bit misleading.

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