Here’s one for all you Paris dreamers

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Today on the podcast it’s a chat with Katrina Lawrence, a beauty journalist and certified Francophile. This Australian first fell in love with Paris at the age of five, and since then her roads have continually led her back to Paris.

We talk about her book Paris Dreaming, which chronicles her love for the French and how the city has inspired her.

It’s part memoir, part journey through Paris, and some insights into the stylish Parisiennes who don’t stop captivating us all.

She also lists her favourite secret passages in Paris, great places to seek A-list ghosts from the past, and her favourite cafes.

Why not switch off for a while and enjoy two Australians in Paris sharing their love for the city?

Here’s a link to the episode on Spotify, and you can find it on your smartphone on every podcast app that exists.

Find Katrina on Instagram here and explore her website here.

If you want some tangible Paris tips from the episode, the Scroll for this episode is available for Patreon members. This beautiful document features all the addresses mentioned, plus the films, and some surprising extras about Kylie Minogue…which will make sense once you’ve listened.

It also features links to some classic member-only videos that you’ve almost certainly not seen! Here’s a tiny excerpt:

Woah! That’s enough of a sneak peek. The rest you’ll have to unlock.

So, sign up as a member today to find the scrolls, my audiobook, and my guide to Paris – plus hundreds of hours of extra entertainment that’s made regularly for members! Sign up here.

If you’re still dreaming for 2 more hours of Paris escape, here’s a fairly recent walk I did along rue de Varenne, the absolute best street in the city for doors. Enjoy.

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