Little Africa: The most overlooked neighbourhood in Paris?

Ever heard of La Goutte d’Or? It’s a neighbourhood to the east of Montmartre, and its name literally translates to “The Drop of Gold”.

This vibrant district is also known as Little Africa, and today’s podcast guest Jacqueline Ngo Mpii says it’s time you checked it out.

Jacqueline is running a crowdfunding campaign to finance a cultural hub in the centre of this neighbourhood where people can gather, hold events, and take part in some educational tourism.

Her company, Little Africa Travel, has been working for five years to elevate all things Afro and African in Paris – and now they’re ready to open a brick and mortar centre to help it all to thrive.

Here is the link to the campaign – jump in now. There are 130 backers so far and I’m one of them. Will you join me?

In today’s podcast episode, which you can listen to below, Jacqueline explains the campaign, but digs deeper into the area’s history and what you can find there.

The episode is below, but you can find it wherever podcasts exist.

Lastly, I’ve gathered ALL the extra information from the episode, like restaurant addresses, maps, and so on, and made a beautiful 8-page Scroll, which you can unlock right here if you’re a member (or wish to become one!)

Here’s today’s episode again, this time on Spotify. Have a listen, and subscribe for weekly episodes with interesting characters in Paris.

5 thoughts on “Little Africa: The most overlooked neighbourhood in Paris?

  1. Thank you so much, Oliver and Jacqueline. African Village 2.0 seems like an amazing, worthwhile project.

    Allow me one shout out and one travelers tip.

    Shout out – the first time we visited Goutte d’Or we were going to the studio of the amazing fashion designer Sakina M’sa. Sakina came from absolute poverty to becoming a founder of ‘Enlightened Fashion’, sustainable fashion that unites those who make your cloths and those who wear it. All her seamstresses are women at risk and she uses repurposed materials. if you are interested.

    Travelers tip – as a general rule the French and Parisiens especially are guarded about their privacy and having their pictures taken. Must be tough living in the world’s most photographed city. Again, a generality, but this is ten times true for women from Africa.

    When you visit Goutte d’Or your jaw will drop at the variety and beauty of the native costumes the women, and some men, wear. You will want to take photos of everyone you see. Don’t. These are not costumes and the women are on their way to work, shopping, and living their lives. You won’t be appreciated.

    I am so looking forward to returning when we ca.

  2. Thanks for featuring such an an amazing woman entrepreneur and helping her raise the profile of a beautiful Parisian village!

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