We made a children’s book! Meet Kylie the Crocodile

Meet Kylie – a crocodile who lives in the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris.

She is the star of our new children’s book, with rhyming text from me and illustrations from my wife Lina.

But don’t take my word for it! Shakespeare and Company called it “a charming tale with beautiful illustrations”, The Red Wheelbarrow called it “Gorgeous” and Bonjour Books called it “pure magic”!

The book is based on a true story: that of the elderly woman who told me she released a crocodile in the canal a few years back.

We used that setup as the basis for the rest of the story, where we imagined how a crocodile grew too big for a Paris apartment, how she was released into the canal, and then what a crocodile would get up to if she lived in Paris.

Her life involves a lot of discrete people-watching during the day, and plenty of Paris sight-seeing during the nights.

In the podcast episode below you can delve a little deeper behind the scenes.

Now, if you want a copy of the book, click “buy now” below and you’ll receive the book via our distributors in the US, Canada, Paris, and Melbourne.

In the meantime, here are a bunch more images from the book. Click to see them enlarged. Enjoy!

Happy reading.

3 thoughts on “We made a children’s book! Meet Kylie the Crocodile

  1. love it
    adorable book and drawings!
    Will buy for my 7 yr old Godchild Isabella who
    wants to go to Paris one day!

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