A weekend away in a Burgundy château

A weekend in a French countryside château. Picking baskets of pears, exploring medieval towers, and feeding fish in the moat. It sounds like the stuff of dreams, but that’s exactly what we’ve just done… and we recorded the journey for you.

That’s right, this week’s podcast is an “On The Go” episode, as we rented a car and headed to the magnificent Château de Missery, which has been in the command of the British Hawkes family for decades.

It’s an authentic 18th century moated Louis XV château with 14th century medieval towers, set in quiet hilly Burgundian countryside. And it was lovely. Below are some pictures.

On the way to the château, Lina and I also popped into the Colette Museum and explored the wondrous Château de Guédelon, which has been described as the world’s largest ongoing architectural experiment. More on this on the YouTube link below, I’d subscribe too, if I were you, for much more.

Our entire journey is below, and it includes the sound of a French countryside marketplace, the steady beat of rain on our car rooftop, and the sound of the stream running into the château moat. I hope you’ll feel like you’re right there with us. 

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