The Pearl of Paris: A closer look at the Île Saint-Louis

What do you know about the Île Saint-Louis? In today’s bonus podcast episode I chat with Roni Amelan about daily life on the island, where he has lived since the nineties.

In case you’re new to Paris geography, the Île Saint-Louis is one of the two natural islands in the Seine River and is right next to the Ile de la Cité (with Notre Dame).

But forget Notre Dame, forget the Ile de la Cité – today it’s all about the Île Saint-Louis. Incredible architecture, history dating back thousands of years, and a rich little community. And who better to tell the story than an interesting local resident?

Here’s my chat with Roni, I hope you enjoy it, and there are a bunch more photos below.

If you want to learn LOADS more about the island and all the places and tips from Roni, you can access the super Scroll on Patreon with a small monthly donation. Here’s the link to unlock it.

I took about 100 photos of interesting doors on the island, too, and Ill share them on social media and this website soon. But heres a sneak peek.

Do you guys like Paris doors? I snapped every good door on the island. Blog post soon!

Perhaps you fancy a virtual walk around the island. Well here’s a video I recorded this week, right after I did the podcast interview. You can see the incredible door behind which Roni lives, and inside the local church.

And, as promised, here are some more pictures from the island. Keep a close eye out, I’ve taken A LOT more photos from here and will share them in the coming days.

Ah, that’s enough pictures for now. Here’s the episode again, why not subscribe? Why not leave a review? Why not sign up for the Friday email? Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Pearl of Paris: A closer look at the Île Saint-Louis

  1. Great podcast and fascinating talk with Roni! I was going to say his accent is quite reminiscent of Germany, haha!

  2. I so enjoyed listening to Roni Amelan, he has a beautiful accent & he sounds like a true gentleman. Please invite him on again – I would love to hear his stories. 🇫🇷💙

  3. Found you while researching for our upcoming trip in May 2022. We are staying on the island in a VRBO. Thanks for the info and walk. Can’t wait.

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