An American in Paris: Starting afresh in the City of Light

top view of paris city and eiffel tower

Meet Anna Kloots, a writer, a créatrice, and a traveller who moved to Paris in 2020. 

But rather than lament the fact she perhaps picked the worst year of all to move to Paris, she has grabbed the city by the horns and made the most of every minute, sharing her adventures with her hundreds of thousands of fans online. 

We chat about life in Paris as a writer, how to make French sauces, and how to live every day in the City of Light as if it’s your last. We also chat about how she comes up with content for her 100,000+ Instagram stories, which are definitely worth checking out if you love Paris!

You can listen to our episode below (which was recorded on the terrace of the KB coffee shop in Pigalle).

For a full breakdown of everything in the podcast, including some fun lists about the oldest buildings and restaurants in Paris, become a Patreon member and unlock this week’s scroll here.

For more from Anna, find her website here and her Instagram here.

One thought on “An American in Paris: Starting afresh in the City of Light

  1. Hello Oliver
    I loved hearing Anna’s enthusiasm for Paris and certainly share it BUT have to strongly disagree that there are no good French bakeries, restaurants, markets etc in Los Angeles! Don’t get the wrong idea! Tell Anna to send me a message next time she is LA (or you and Lina too) and I will steer her right. Also, tell her to hit up your friends at the Alliance de Francaise de Pasadena – we have lots of ideas for authentic French in LA experiences and food. Merci!

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