How do the French celebrate Christmas?

I’ve lived in Paris for six years, but have never stayed for Christmas.

So what happens?

Well, we all know that the Champs-Elysées lights up (see my video from 2019 below). Maybe you’ve heard about the famed Christmas markets to the east fo France.

But what about the traditions, the meals, and… do they have the same Christmas music on the radio as we do in English-speaking countries?

Personally, I had no idea, so I asked Camille from French Today to explain it all. Our chat about Christmas in France is this week’s podcast episode. You can listen to it below.

We recorded this episode via Zoom with 80 people watching live. I’ll be doing a similar event on Saturday with author Stephen Clarke… reserve your spot by becoming a Patreon member today. If you’re already a member, check your inboxes for your invite (or it’s the second post from the top on the home page).

Want more on Christmas in France? Let’s start with those mysterious Yule Logs Camille mentioned. Here’s a very visual article from French Vogue (in English) showing some modern takes on this very French treat.

Otherwise, if you want more about about Christmas in France, here are some ace selections from Camille herself (pictured below). And remember, Earful members get a whopping discount on Camille’s audiobooks for one day more! More info here, plus the video replay of this chat

The Legend of Saint Nicolas – bilingual story   

10 ways to wish Merry Christmas (with audio)   

French Christmas traditions 

100 French Christmas terms with audio   

Authentic French Christmas Dialogue (bilingual + audio enunciated and spoken modern French recordings 

Christmas Meal  

Happy Christmas to all! Here’s the episode again, this time via Spotify.

And lastly, if you fancy a long walk in Montmartre, I just uploaded my latest meeting with Ernest Hemingway to YouTube. We filmed it just hours before the latest Paris lockdown, hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Cannot say what a lovely surprise to be able to download the drawings from the crocodile book. I am so thrilled & infact cannot wait to colour the pages in myself. So big thanks again, super duper christmas. Elizabeth

  2. So happy to receive my lovely Kylie the Crocodile book yesterday, then to top it off, the beautiful Lina sketches which I could download and print! Very generous! A very happy Christmas to you both.
    Kind regards, Adrienne

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